The Law Can Protect Your Children. This Site Will Show You How.

Are you a parent concerned about your children’s future? Do you feel like the other parent gets in the way of what you know is best for them? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to protect them?

If so, I want to help. By looking through our collection of blog posts and videos, and signing up for one of our free parents’ rights workshops, you’ll better understand how to use the legal system to your family’s benefit.

I meet parents every day who care about their kids. I know you’re one of them or you wouldn’t be on this site. What may surprise you is that I also care about your children and hope you’ll see that in all we do.

I cannot say enough about how clever, incisive and diligent she is. She is tenacious for her clients and is as tough and smart as you want your lawyer to be. - Haifa

She came with me to my Mediation and helped me make good decisions for me to reach my goals. I wouldn't have succeeded if I didn't have her by my side. - Jennifer

She treated me like a person and not like just another case involving a child with special needs. She was well prepared and handled the case in a very professional manner. -Viola

A Different Kind Of Law Firm

My name is Angela and I created this law firm to help parents. But I come at it from a unique angle, because my primary concern is your children.

You see, I know how important you are. I know that when I protect your rights and empower you to make thoughtful, independent choices, I’m also helping your vulnerable kids. Nothing is more important to me than giving power to great parents. It comes from my long history of helping children.

Long before law school I worked with children in

But I didn’t always appreciate how the law could be used to empower great parents.

I now see just how important a strong, great parent is.

For years, I’ve operated under the hope that every parent wants to be great. I’ve believed that I can best serve kids by teaching co-parents to work together for the benefit of the children. Through hard experience, I’ve learned that it’s not so simple.

There are bad parents out there. I’ve worked on dozens of CPS cases and seen how ugly life can be for some children. Their parents might be narcissistic, controlling, bullying, and insensitive. Maybe they have drug or alcohol addictions that harm the innocent, or they become so obsessed with money that they forget what’s important.

Those parents have rights that deserve protection, but I’ve done that for years and want to turn my attention to parents like you. You deserve every protection the law can give, too, and I can use the law to get that.

From the first second of my conversation with [Angela], I felt very comfortable. I am about to begin a journey as a parent/father and I am sure with Ms. Brown skills and knowledge everything will be ok. - Victor

I’ve discovered solutions only the law can provide.

If your family has suffered, the list of problems is long. But not every problem needs a legal solution. When you have that kind of issue, you need a lawyer who’s committed to using the legal system to your advantage.

Many of the lawyers practicing today talk about working things out, improving your negotiating techniques, and caring for your "whole self." Those are laudatory goals, but they’re not why you are coming to me.

You’re here because you’re exhausted. You’ve tried for so long, maybe for years. You’ve read the books and you’ve gone to therapy. You spent long nights blaming yourself while cleaning up the mess. You’ve wondered how you let it get so bad.

It’s time to use the law to seize some control.

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t get therapy or find ways to interrupt the patterns that have led you to this moment. Or to seek ways to work with your co-parent. But I don’t want you to ever confuse why I do this work. I am a lawyer because I know that sometimes only the law can help you.

The legal system is a tool, and tools are meant to accomplish something. What do you want to accomplish?

  • Are you stuck in a battle with the other parent over how to best care for kids after your relationship is over? Then I’ll file a divorce or custody suit.
  • Has the other parent taken your child in violation of a court’s possession order? Then I’ll file a habeas corpus action.
  • Are the kids being used as a weapon, with the other parent talking bad about you and confusing your children? Then I’ll file a parental alienation suit.
  • Did you not get your children back when you should have, or were you denied crucial time that a court guaranteed? Then I’ll file an enforcement.

These are the kinds of solutions that only the law can provide. No amount of self help will return kids to you, or punish a bad actor. You have to take control because the other parent won’t give it up.

Want to know if you’re ready to use the law? Ask yourself these three questions:

First, do you feel like your child’s future is at risk?
Second, are you dealing with a parent who doesn’t seem to put the kids first?
Finally, are you willing to do what it takes to protect your children?

If you answered yes to all these questions then we are the firm for you.

Use the law. You will not be an absentee parent. You have rights, and they matter to me.

I highly recommend [Angela’s] services and would not hesitate to hire her again. -Bradley