Vanessa Brown

Vanessa Brown is the office manager of Angela Faye Brown and Associates. In her duties, she works to keep the firm efficient by overseeing the daily operations and coordinating and monitoring the activities within the law office. Vanessa grew up south of Houston in League City before moving to Austin in 2011 and, prior to joining Angela Faye Brown and Associates, Vanessa worked at several universities managing campus bookstores. She brings to the firm an attention to detail and a compassion for children that keeps things running smoothly in the office, and helps people cope in what is often an uneasy time in their lives. Vanessa is also the point of contact for billing and contract concerns and as part of these duties she reaches out to clients regularly to keep them updated.

Vanessa spends her free time watching films, and playing video and board games with her significant other. She also enjoys caring for her many plants, including an aquatic garden, and playing with her cats. On the days Vanessa is away from the office she loves traveling to visit with her family across the south or simply to enjoy the outdoors.