Understanding Your Rights As A Father

Under Texas law, both parents, including fathers, enjoy certain rights when it comes to their children, such as rights associated with child custody and possession. Sadly, however, when couples decide to split, they do not always agree as to how they will share these particular rights ― often leaving the child caught in the crossfire.

At Angela Faye Brown & Associates, our primary goal is to help families resolve legal disputes while minimizing the impact on any children involved. Therefore, if you, as a father, believe it is in your child's best interests for you to be granted primary custody, we can assist you. Whether you are married to your child's mother and are considering a divorce or were never married, we can help you safeguard your rights and the well-being of your child.

Seeking Custody Rights For Dads

As a father, you face an uphill battle if you wish to be your child's primary custodial parent ― or conservator. The question of custody often boils down to which parent has managed the child's needs in the past, including educational, medical and dental needs. In many cases, this tends to be the mother because, as a culture and society, we often lead men and women into particular familial roles.

However, in cases in which the father is the child's primary caregiver ― such as when the mother is sick, an addict or simply unreliable ― he may be able to get primary custody. Ultimately, when determining whether to grant a father primary custody, a judge may consider several factors regarding the father's relationship with his child, including:

  • Love and affection
  • Discipline
  • Personal responsibility
  • Leisure time
  • Religious, moral and ethical considerations
  • Ulterior motives
  • Future plans
  • Housing and homemaking
  • Day care
  • Experience

In any case, enforcing a father's rights as a parent can be complex, which is why it is always best to seek the counsel of an experienced attorney.

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