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Miesha Haynes-Nwofia

Of Counsel Attorney

Miesha Haynes-Nwofia is an Associate Attorney at Angela Faye Brown & Associates, PLLC. Previously, she worked for the Office of the Attorney General and afterwards continued practicing Family Law. Miesha attended the University of Houston and received her BA in Psychology. She then went to Law School at Thurgood Marshal School of Law and graduated with Cum Laude Honors.

Miesha’s passion for Family Law stems from being a mother and wife herself. She believes that the family structure is one of the most important in our society. Her approach to handling custody cases it to always listen to her clients wants and needs. She always ensures that  her clients understand the law as it applies to their specific case/situation and diligently represent her clients. Clients can always expect Miesha to be honest, sincere, and compassionate to their needs and situation. She is very sympathetic to the importance of family matters and feels it is because she too has a family.

Miesha was born in Waco, Texas, but was raised in the Bay Area in Northern California. She moved to Houston in 1998 and has not moved since then. Miesha has two sons, ages 9 and 15. Her favorite hobbies are spending time with her family and traveling to new places. She spends her other free time sewing, reading, watching the Houston Rockets and delving deeper into the practice of Family Law.

Miesha is a dog person because they are loyal, respectful, and loving. She has a Teacup Yorkie named Daisy. Miesha’s spirit animal is a bear, because like a bear, she is very protective of her client’s legal rights, as a bear is to its cub.

Lisa Okoh-Brown

Associate Attorney

Lisa M. Okoh-Brown is an Associate Attorney at Angela Faye Brown; Associates, PLLC and has18 years of legal experience. Previously, she practiced family law another area of law.  

She graduated Cum Laude, #1 in her major, with a Bachelors Degree in Accounting from the University of West Alabama.  She then attended Howard University and earned her Masters in Business Administration (MBA), graduating #2 in her class.  Georgetown University is where she earned both her Juris Doctorate (law degree), and a Masters of Law Degree (LLM) in taxation. 
Having experienced the pain of divorce, she brings a unique perspective to clients having "walked a mile in their shoes."  Treating clients with the compassion and
attention to detail that she desired as a family law client, she considers herself a legal ‘’warrior.’’

She is a fierce advocate for children, seeing her four children in every child she encounters.  


Her goal is to provide clients with excellent legal representation, while successfully helping them navigate the emotional and financial landmines of the family law system.
She was born in the Bahamas, attended high school in Florida and moved to Houston in
2009 and loves it.  She is a former athlete and brings that competitive drive and winning
attitude to the practice of law.  Lisa loves all music and loves to travel and experience
other cultures.  
An avid student of personal development she strives to be better in every facet of life. 
Happily remarried for 6 years, she wants her divorce clients to know that there is "life" after divorce. 


 A failed relationship does not make you a failure.  She advises "grow through what you go through" and she brings this philosophy to her clients.

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