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After making the decision to end your marriage, you may not know what to do next. Most people do not think about the legal steps a person must take to get divorced until they are experiencing it themselves.

If you are preparing for a split, it is important to know how the divorce process in Austin works. While any married person has the right to divorce their spouse, they must follow the proper legal steps in order to do so successfully. You should not have to try to navigate this difficult time alone. An experienced divorce attorney at Angela Faye Brown & Associates could explain all of the legal requirements and guide you throughout the entire process.

Where Do You Go To File A Divorce In Austin?

If you are seeking a divorce from your spouse, you must go to the county district clerk’s court to file your case. The clerk is usually located within the local county courthouse and can assist with the filing process. However, you can now also choose to file online in Texas, using the E-file Texas system. A savvy lawyer in Austin could help ensure you submit all of the correct documentation when filing for divorce in person or online.

How Quickly Do The Austin Courts Work To Resolve Divorce Cases?

The time it could take to resolve a divorce case is largely based on the county where you file a claim. However, in the state of Texas, there is a minimum 60-day waiting period no matter which county you apply in. In some rare instances, the courts can take years to finalize a divorce, but again, it usually comes down to the county. Depending on where you live in Austin, you could go through the divorce process in one of three counties: Hays, Travis or Williamson.

Contributing Factors

The primary factor is the date a person files the petition for the divorce with the county. Once the divorce is legally filed, the clock begins to run down on the state-required 60-day waiting period.

Another factor that can extend the process or make it more complicated than usual is serving the divorce. The opposing party, i.e. your spouse, must be served the legal paperwork before a divorce can be finalized. This part of the process can pose a challenge if your partner is avoiding or against the divorce. They may dodge seeing you – as a way to postpone being served the official documents – due to their denial that the split is really happening. This noncooperation by one of the parties involved in the separation can significantly hinder the legal proceedings.

If you are experiencing this kind of behavior from your partner during the divorce process, it may be beneficial to seek help from a skilled legal professional. A dedicated attorney could serve the divorce documents to your spouse themselves so that the process is not delayed any longer.

Contact A Legal Professional To Learn More About The Divorce Process In Austin

As you can see, there are many steps one must take as well as numerous components that are required to legally end your relationship. For assistance with navigating the divorce process in Austin, speak to a knowledgeable lawyer with Angela Faye Brown & Associates today. Contact now by calling 512-572-1207.