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Why is a Contested Divorce More Complex than an Uncontested Divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2021 | Divorce

Dissolving your marriage is always going to be a difficult and emotional process. However, the emotions may be even more intense and difficult to manage if your spouse is uncooperative and unwilling to compromise. The compassionate attorneys at Angela Faye Brown & Associates could explain why a contested divorces is often more complex than an uncontested divorce and the differences between them.

What is a Contested Divorce?

Simply put, a contested divorce is one in which two spouses who are dissolving their marriage cannot agree on one or more aspects of their divorce. They may disagree on whether the divorce is fault or no-fault, if alimony is owed, child custody, child support, or how property should be divided. When the spouses’ ideas on these things diverge wildly, the divorce becomes contested.

An uncontested divorce can become a contested divorce. There’s nothing requiring a couple who files a no-fault divorce in Texas or Missouri City to stay on that track. Either spouse can always contest and challenge whatever the other party is saying.

What Makes a Contested Divorce Complex?

Contested divorces are generally more complicated than uncontested divorces because the parties are fighting with one another instead of negotiating to reach an amicable agreement. Money, children, and property are very sensitive topics and can make people highly emotional or even aggressive. The complexity comes in when each spouse’s lawyer must fight the other person’s lawyer over multiple issues. This can prolong the divorce process.

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