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Have You Prepared Your Family Financially For The Unexpected?

At Angela Faye Brown & Associates, we provide comprehensive estate planning packages that reflect your long-term goals for your property and your assets, and help protect your family, your children, and your loved ones against sudden financial disaster, unwanted legal battles, and family feuds in the case of your untimely death or permanent injury.

If a complete stranger showed up at your doorstep today and demanded that you gather together all of your existent parents, siblings, spouse, and/or children so that the stranger could divide up all of your assets and property amongst those specific family members as they saw fit, would your first thought be to:

  1. Eagerly Comply
  2. Slam The Door
  3. Politely Remind Them About Texas’ Open Carry Policy
  4. Laugh And Say “Bless Your Heart, But I Already Have A Solid Will & Estate Plan”
  5. Any Of The Above + Call Angela Faye Brown & Associates!

While the above scenario may sound completely ludicrous and may even make you laugh or roll your eyes, the truth is that if you pass away, whether unexpectedly or expected, without having planned your estate in advanced, something very similar to the above scenario is 100% likely to occur — the only difference is that you won’t have any say in the matter and your family will be faced with an extremely limited number of options that will be primarily dictated by a complete stranger who is with the State of Texas.

If you’re already feeling outraged by what you’re hearing, then you need to call Angela Faye Brown & Associates right now to get started on your estate planning and will.

Under Texas laws, if you do not have a valid will and/or estate plan in place that specifies how you want your belongings and assets divided, your parents, siblings, grandchildren, and any long-term partner that you are not legally married will likely receive nothing.

If you have a long-term partner but you are not legally married and do not have children, your parents or siblings are legally entitled to your assets rather than the person you spent your life with.

Even if you do have a legal spouse, your estate will not automatically be passed to your spouse — it could be divided accordingly between your spouse and any children depending on whether the children are from a previous marriage, as well whether the assets are classified as separate property (property owned by a spouse before the marriage, or acquired during the marriage as gift, an inheritance, or through a personal injury settlement)  or communal property (cash, bank accounts, retirement, personal property and real estate).

Your child might also end up with a legal guardian that wouldn’t have chosen. Or, your ex-spouse might suddenly gain control of assets that your minor child inherits

That’s why at Angela Faye Brown & Associates, we offer a wide variety of legal services that will best prepare your assets to be passed down the way you want them to be when the time is right.

  • We help you write a legally viable will that clearly outlines your wishes and ensures that you protect yourself and your children
  • We help you name a guardian for your minor child or appoint a loved one who would be responsible for overseeing assets and property that a child inherits.
  • We help you dictate how your end-of-life care will be handled, if necessary, and help you appoint someone to make your health care decisions if you become incapacitated.

As the team at Angela Faye Brown & Associates is primarily a family focused law firm,  our estate planning services are largely kid-focused and designed to help protect your children and/or grandchildren.

Contact the team at Angela Faye Brown & Associates today and get started on your estate plan! Use the contact form on the right, or give one of our offices a call to set up a consultation appointment and get this done:

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