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Protecting Your Parental Rights During
Child Custody Disputes

Angela Faye Brown & Associates pursues solutions putting your child’s and family’s needs first.

Serving the Austin and Houston metros for over a decade.

How Do We Protect Your Parental Rights?

Explaining The Custody Process

We help you understand Texas child custody laws that prioritize the child’s needs.

Developing A Custody Agreement

We help co-parents negotiate reasonable and comprehensive parenting plans.

Child Support Implications

We can explain how custody arrangements affect child support payments.

How Is Child Custody Determined In Texas?

Two types of child custody must be decided in the Lone Star State after parents divorce or separate. They are:

• Legal custody: Determines who will make the major life decisions for the child, such as education, religion and health care.
• Physical custody: Determines where the child will live.

In most cases, Texas family courts believe the best situation for children is having both parents share these duties and responsibilities to help their kids cope and thrive. The knowledgeable attorneys at Angela Faye Brown & Associates understand the many factors that judges consider when disputes arise or modifications are necessary.

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Why Choose Us To Represent You?

Family law matters are challenging. Divorce, child custody, child support and spousal support are incredibly personal. We understand your concerns and take pride in our caring approach to finding reasonable outcomes. But our mission is to apply our legal knowledge and expertise to represent your best interests.

The compassionate lawyers at Angela Faye Brown & Associates look for peaceful solutions. However, we have extensive experience in the courtroom to protect you when settlements aren’t possible.