Your Child’s Best Interests Are Our Main Focus

Determining Your Child’s Best Interests

Determining the best interests of the child in Missouri City entails weighing the stability of both parents and their relationship with the kid. If one parent struggles with homelessness while the other lives in a McMansion, the decision may be easy. Unfortunately, cases are not usually so black and white. The children may be closer to one parent, but the other could have a better living situation.

Our compassionate child custody attorneys at Angela Faye Brown & Associates could help you sell yourself to the judge by reviewing all the relevant factors and applying them to your family’s situation.

Common Factors In Deciding Custody Arrangement

Most parents want to believe that their child will be better suited to living with them. However, when it comes to determining the best custody arrangement, the court has a set of factors that they use, including determining which parent has:

  • Access to the best school
  • Taken a more active role in their emotional life, and who knows the child’s friends and teachers
  • Taken charge of medical appointments
  • Assisted with education
  • A more stable job
  • Consistent housing
  • Stable relationships
  • A solid support system

Finally, if a child is approaching their teen years, their opinion will be taken into account. A knowledgeable Missouri City attorney could explain how the court uses all these factors to determine the child’s best interests during the custody hearing.

What Occurs During A Missouri City Custody Hearing?

The two main parts of child custody hearings are testimonies and presenting evidence. These hearings seek to prove the stability of the parent who wants to have custody of their child. If both parents want that, the judge will consider everything the parents and their attorneys lay out to determine the best interests of the child.


The parents will testify to their experiences with their children and the home life they could provide. A competent attorney could also call in third parties to reinforce that their client can provide the best home for the child. These third parties could include therapists, teachers, police officers who might have interacted with either parent and/or a Child Protective Services caseworker, if relevant to the family.


While testimonies are helpful, cases are often decided using hard evidence. When a driven lawyer wants to help a court determine the best interests of a child, they can request parents bring school records, medical records, text or email communication between parents and written communication with teachers. The judge will also want to see a budget for the household, as well as pay stubs.

Strong Parental Relationship May Be The Deciding Factor

Most of all, a court will want to see that whoever will get custody can prioritize the child’s needs over their own. The judge understands that a stable, loving home is vital to raising healthy citizens. If the parent can demonstrate their maturity and willingness to communicate with their ex, they have a decent chance of receiving custody.

If all else is equal, custody may be decided by evaluating the connection the child shares with the parent. In the end, a child will be healthiest and happiest where they are most comfortable and loved. A talented Missouri City attorney can work with parents to prove their child’s best interests will be served by living with them.

Contact A Missouri City Attorney About How To Determine The Best Interests Of The Child

Most parents would like to live with their children. However, a custody hearing is about determining the best interests of the child in Missouri City. Our talented lawyers could work to present your most convincing case for primary custody. Reach out to Angela Faye Brown & Associates to learn how we could help you. Call us in Houston at 281-975-0307 or in Austin at 512-572-1207.