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No-Fault Divorce

A no-fault divorce occurs when two spouses are not able to reconcile whatever differences that may be between them, and therefore they would like to dissolve their marriage. These divorces are not a result of cruelty or infidelity, and therefore only occur because the marriage is no longer working. The purpose of a no-fault divorce is to get through the process without unnecessarily presenting evidence that one party is at fault for the breakdown of the marriage. It is important to note that in these situations, the non-filing spouse may object to the divorce petition by filing their own answer. If you need help dissolving your marriage, speak with a Missouri City no-fault divorce lawyer to discuss your case.

Filing For A No-Fault Divorce

Before a someone can file for a no-fault divorce, they must be a resident of Texas for at least six months and a resident of that particular county for at least 90 days. The involvement of children or if one spouse lives in another state could delay or prevent a no-fault divorce. If a couple has children, the filing party must file a petition for divorce that includes information about the children. They would then electronically file this document with the clerk or whichever county court that they are part of and that would begin the divorce process.

The only evidence that is requested in these uncontested divorce cases would be the last three digits of the each party’s license number, the last four digits of the parties’ social security number, the birth date of both parties, the birthdate of any children involved, and the health insurance information for the children. A lawyer in Missouri City could help someone file for a no-fault divorce.

The Role Of Mediation

Mediation is a process that allows the parties to come up with their own agreement with regard to how they would like to dissolve their property and how they want to create arrangements for their children. This process enables the parties to take back power for their divorce as opposed to letting a third-party judge who does not know the parties make all of the arrangements.

Alternatively, arbitration is rarer in divorce cases. Arbitration is when one would appear before a panel of judges. It is different in that the parties are not coming to an agreement themselves. The parties are taking the issue to a panel of judges as opposed to one judge and/or a jury. If a parent’s no-fault divorce case requires mediation, a Missouri City attorney could prepare them for this process.

Speak With A Missouri City No-Fault Divorce Attorney

Our legal team could help you make sure you are filing all of the correct documents and include all of the necessary information in your petition. Once the petition is filed, we could help properly serve your spouse with a copy of the divorce petition. Additionally, a Missouri City no-fault divorce lawyer could make sure that you meet whatever standards are required within your county. For more information about how we could help you through this challenging time, call today at 281-975-0307 in Houston or at 512-572-1207 in Austin.