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Post-Divorce Disputes

Many parents going through a divorce assume that the challenges that come with a dissolution of a marriage are largely over once the final order is issued by the court. Unfortunately, some disputes over custody and support can continue after a divorce is finalized.

If you are facing a post-divorce dispute, an attorney from Angela Faye Brown & Associates could advocate on your behalf and help you work toward a solution that benefits your children. In some cases, a child-related dispute could be resolved without the need for litigation. A Missouri City post-divorce disputes lawyer could review your circumstances and help you understand your legal options that best serve your child.

Post-Divorce Disputes That Impact Children

Some of the most common post-divorce disputes involve parental rights or are otherwise related to the children resulting from the marriage. It could be possible to address each of these post-divorce disputes with the help of a Missouri City attorney.

Child Support Modification

Child support modification requests are one of the most common examples of post-divorce disputes. These disputes can arise when one parent sees their financial situation change dramatically – for better or worse. The parties to the divorce could then litigate whether the monthly support amount should increase, decrease, or stay the same.

Child Support Enforcement

Not all child support-related disputes involve modification. In other cases, a parent could seek to enforce the terms of the existing divorce decree. This could be done through a motion for contempt against the other parent.

Child Custody Modification

Child custody and visitation disputes are especially common following a divorce. These disputes must be addressed by the court, as only a judge has the power to enter or modify a custody and visitation schedule. One especially contentious issue that can result from this process involves one parent’s attempt to relocate with the children out-of-state.


Adoption can also be a source of contentious dispute. When two parents divorce and remarry, it is not unusual for the stepparent to pursue adoption. If the former spouse objects to these proceedings, an attorney could help a stepparent seeking to adopt through this process.

Enforcement Options

There are a few approaches available for parents seeking to enforce the terms of their divorce decree. No two cases are alike, meaning the enforcement option that is right for one parent might not be for the next. A Missouri City attorney could help a parent review the legal solutions available to them for their post-divorce dispute.

In some situations, these disputes could be resolved without the need for legal action. Not all disputes lead to heated arguments or hotly contested litigation. With the right attorney serving as their advocate, a parent could convince their former spouse to meet their obligations under the divorce decree.

Sometimes, legal action is necessary. This could include cases where the terms of the divorce are no longer equitable. It is possible to seek court approval to modify the terms of a divorce decree. Other enforcement options could include a finding of contempt that results in fines or jail time for the parent that fails to comply with the decree.

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Post-divorce disputes can take many forms. From custody battles to arguments over late child support, these disputes could be more contentious than the divorce itself. If you are dealing with a post-divorce dispute, you do not have to take on this challenge alone. Contact a Missouri City post-divorce disputes lawyer today to learn more about how we can use the law to protect your parental rights and the well-being of your children. Call us at 281-975-0307 in Houston or at 512-572-1207 in Austin.