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When you are ready to end your marriage, you most likely desire for it to be over and done with as soon as possible. If you are seeking a quick divorce, it is essential to be aware of the Missouri City divorce requirements. Ignorance of these rules when filing a claim could significantly hinder or postpone your divorce. An experienced divorce attorney at Angela Faye Brown & Associates could help you throughout the process to ensure that there are no unnecessary delays.

Legality And Residency Requirements

The most basic requirement to qualify for a divorce in Missouri City is to be legally married. You cannot file for a divorce if you were not married in the first place – whether it was a common law marriage or a traditional marriage.

Missouri City law requires individuals to be a resident of the state of Texas for a minimum of six months prior to filing for divorce. Both parties must also live in the county where they are filing the divorce for at least 90 days before they can begin the legal process. Additionally, the length of time that the couple has been married within the state and county may be of importance.

The state and county residency requirements to file for a divorce are not meant to inhibit the couple in any way. The reason for these laws is actually to establish power within the court so that the local judge has the legal authority to make a ruling regarding the marriage.

Surrounding Jurisdictions

There are no different requirements or regulations for nearby districts when it comes to filing for a divorce. The law is the same in every county throughout the state of Texas.


In certain instances, there may be a way to circumvent the state and county residency requirements for filing a divorce. An example might be if a party had to flee the state of Texas due to an emergency or safety issue. In these specific circumstances, a diligent lawyer could argue for an exception to the state or county regulations.

Separation Requirements

In Missouri City, there are no legal requirements for how long a couple must live separately before a divorce can be filed. This means that an individual could still reside with their significant other at the same time they submit the paperwork for a divorce.

Waiting Periods

After filing for a divorce, many people wonder whether there is a required waiting period between the first court hearing and the final judgment. According to Missouri City divorce requirements, there is no set amount of time an individual seeking a divorce must wait between these events. The court can hear a case and the judge can make a ruling immediately upon presentation of evidence.

Consult With An Attorney About Divorce Requirements In Missouri City

As you can see, it is important to enlist the help of a local legal professional when filing for a divorce due to the various laws and regulations. In addition to Missouri City divorce requirements, many courts and counties in Texas have different procedures on how to schedule hearings or file documents within a specific county. Therefore, it is essential to seek the guidance of a knowledgeable divorce attorney who has experience within the county and who knows how to balance the procedures and local rules to successfully obtain your divorce.

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