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Grandparents often play in an important role in the lives of their grandchildren. Some may necessary emotional and financial support, while others step in to raise their grandchild. Unfortunately, there are many situations in which some grandparents are kept from their grandchildren or they may fear their loved one is at risk of harm. This can be a scary and unsettling situation, and you may be feeling helpless to protect your grandchild if this is the situation you find yourself in.

The family attorneys at Angela Faye Brown & Associates are here to help you protect your loved ones and exercise your full rights under the law. If you are seeking guardianship or visitation with your grandchild, our Missouri City grandparents’ rights lawyers are happy to help you with your case.

Visitation Rights For Grandparents

The courts may offer grandparents visitation in certain scenarios. Still, there are specific factors that the court will look at when making these decisions. Typically, the parents involved must be divorced, or one parent must be incarcerated, dead or incompetent based on a court decision. Additionally, if someone lived with their grandchild for a minimum of six months, this could help build a visitation case. If the parents are together and both agree that a grandparent should not have visitation, then this person may have a challenging time seeking search rights through the court system. One of our lawyers in Missouri City could help you if you are a grandparent seeking visitation rights.

Grandparents Seeking Custody

In some situations, grandparents may gain custody of their grandchildren. In many of these cases, these individuals will already be serving as a parent or caretaker and may seek to establish custody as a way to better care for their grandchild. For example, establishing custody may allow the grandparent to take the child to the doctor, make medical decisions, enroll the child in school and otherwise care for them.

Frequently, when grandparents seek custody, the parent in question might not be capable of caring for their children. Perhaps the parent is in prison, struggles with drug addiction or the family may not even be able to locate them.

Establishing custody of a grandchild is a huge decision, but it could be the best option to provide a safe and stable home to a young loved one. Many of these cases do not come without significant legal challenges. As a result, any grandparent seeking the right to custody over their grandchild should speak with our compassionate Missouri City attorneys.

Concerns For A Grandchild’s Safety

If someone believes that their grandchildren are at risk because of an abusive, neglectful or incapable parent, they should take steps to protect their loved one either by petitioning or custody or calling Child Protective Services.

If there is an existing custody case, either that one of the parents filed or that the state filed against the parents, the grandparent may choose to interject. Other times, the parents might acknowledge that they are not equipped to care for the child. In these cases, the parents may consent to the grandparent obtaining custody of the child.

When people want to provide a safer and more stable environment for their grandchildren, the situation can become overwhelming. Speaking to our attorneys in Missouri City could help grandparents understand the rights they have when they suspect that their grandchild is in danger.

Hiring A Missouri City Grandparents’ Rights Attorney

If you are a grandparent who serves a parent-like role for your grandchildren, you may wonder what rights you have to see that child or make decisions related to their well-being. Fortunately, our Missouri City grandparents’ rights lawyers could help you exercise your rights and provide legal advocacy when taking action to protect your grandchildren. To learn about how our firm works hard to protect the best interests of children, speak with a member of your legal team today. Call us at 281-975-0307 in Houston or at 512-572-1207 in Austin.