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Missouri City Mothers’ Rights Lawyer

Mothers have legal rights when it comes to their children. Unfortunately, sometimes divorce or other custody-related issues can lead to disputes regarding those rights.

If you are a mother struggling with a family law issue, you should reach out to the caring attorneys at Angela Faye Brown & Associates. Our Missouri City mothers’ rights lawyers could work hard to protect your relationship with your children.

Why Mothers Should Establish Paternity

Establishing paternity allows mothers to exercise their right to receive child support from their child’s father. She may do this through various methods, yet the most common is through a court petition. It is essential for a mother to remember that establishing paternity does not necessarily give a father custody. The court still has the option to terminate custody rights if a judge believes that a child could be put at risk under their father’s care. A mother should speak to a Missouri City attorney about her case to learn more about her legal options and child support rights.

A Mother’s Right To Seek Custody In Missouri City

Mothers have the right to request that the court establish a custody and visitation schedule that provides the best possible situation for their children. If a mother feels that her child would be unsafe in the father’s care, she may seek sole custody and request that a judge limits the father’s visitation with the child.

When determining custody and parenting time, a judge will apply the ‘best interest of the child’ standard. Under this standard, a court considers certain factors, including:

  • Both parent’s wishes regarding custody and visitation
  • The child’s need for a close and meaningful relationship with both parents
  • Each parent’s willingness and ability to meet the child’s needs
  • The child’s relationship with their parents, siblings and other family members
  • The child’s wishes regarding custody

If a judge finds that the father has been abusive toward the mother or child, the judge may restrict his custody or visitation. A mother who is genuinely concerned that the father may harm her child even during short visitations can request that a neutral third party supervise all contact between them. In any custody case where a child’s safety is at issue, an experienced Missouri City attorney from our firm is here to help mothers protect their children and their parental rights.

If a mother is not awarded custody, she is still entitled to substantial visitation with her child as long as she is fit to parent. If the child’s other parent interferes with the court-ordered visitation, the mother may file a petition for contempt in family court.

Domestic Violence In Mothers’ Rights Cases

Domestic violence can significantly impact the legal rights each parent is allowed to exercise. The main goal of the court is to protect the children when a parent has a history of physical, sexual or emotional abuse. The abuse may involve the child, but it may also involve the other parent. Therefore, if a mother has experienced domestic abuse, the court must consider the history of violence when making decisions related to custody. A mother who has suffered domestic violence should discuss her right to protect herself and her children with a Missouri City attorney.

Speak To A Missouri City Mothers’ Rights Attorney

A mother struggling with a custody dispute, seeking child support or establishing paternity may have many questions. The family court system can be complicated and sometimes confusing, and it is generally best not to attempt to navigate it without skilled legal counsel.

If you are a mother involved in a family law matter relating to your child, a Missouri City mothers’ rights lawyer from our firm could be an invaluable resource. Our goal is to serve as a powerful advocate for your children throughout this process. Therefore, we work hard to help mothers protect their rights to their children. Contact us online or call us in Houston at 281-975-0307 or in Austin at 512-572-1207.