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Any couple that decides it is time to divorce is bound to face some challenges. This process is especially difficult when children are involved. Parents want the best for their children, but divorcing spouses might not agree on what that might look like. A skilled attorney could protect your parental rights and the well-being of your children during any type of legal family matter.

There are many legal disputes that an attorney from Angela Faye Brown & Associates could help with. Some examples include child custody, visitation, and child support. A Pearland family lawyer could address all of these issues in court and during negotiations with your co-parent.

Child Custody And Visitation

The main types of family law cases that our lawyers in Pearland deal with are child custody and visitation. Few issues are more likely to result in conflict during a legal proceeding. This is because child custody and visitation disputes can result in long, drawn-out litigation. This is especially true if the relationship between the parents is frayed and there is little chance of the parties reaching an agreement on what is best for the child.

These family law issues can be legally complex given that the court can override the wishes of both parents. The judge must act in the best interests of the child, even if the parents agree on how to handle child custody or visitation. While the court must ultimately decide on behalf of the child’s best interests, the law does allow a judge to consider the child’s preference under certain circumstances. Once a child is 12 years old or older, they have the option to weigh on which parent they prefer to live with. However, this cannot be the sole grounds upon which the court makes its determination.

Enforcing Existing Family Court Orders

For many parents, the dissolution of a marriage does not bring the disputes related to their children to an end. Sometimes a parent will feel a sense of relief to have the divorce behind them, only to immediately learn their former spouse has no intention of complying with the terms of the decree.

In these situations, a family law attorney in Pearland could take the steps necessary to enforce existing court orders. Often, this starts with negotiating with the other parent’s attorney in an effort to resolve the dispute amicably. This approach is successful in many cases, with the threat of legal action being enough to push the other parent to comply with the court’s order.

When negotiating is not enough, there are a few steps a parent could take to enforce an order previously entered by the court. This is true for both divorce decrees as well as child support and custody orders for two parents who were never married. A family court could modify the terms of the order or hold a parent in contempt if they refuse to comply. This could result in fines or even jail time for the noncompliant parent.

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Relying on the guidance of an attorney is important during any family law proceeding. Whether it is a dispute over child support or the determination of custody, the legal counsel you choose can have a tremendous impact on the outcome of your case and the life of your child.

Before you take on these challenges, let an attorney from Angela Faye Brown & Associates provide you with valuable counsel. Contact a Pearland family lawyer to get help protecting your parental rights and the best interests of your children. Call us at 281-975-0307 in Houston or at 512-572-1207 in Austin.