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Child Custody Lawyer

A primary concern for divorcing parents is ensuring their children’s well-being, both throughout the legal process and after the marriage is over. Unfortunately, making the right choices regarding custody can be challenging when parents do not see eye to eye on what is best for their children long term.

A seasoned Pflugerville child custody lawyer could answer your questions and guide you through the legal process if you are involved in this type of dispute. Our team of family attorneys is dedicated to helping parents develop parenting plans that meet their children’s needs as well as their own.

What To Know About Child Custody Disputes In Pflugerville

When parents separate, one of the most important issues that must be taken care of is custody and visitation. Conservatorship gives a parent the legal authority to make significant decisions regarding their children. When parents can communicate effectively with each other, joint conservatorship may be the most beneficial situation for the child. However, if the court believes that awarding conservatorship to one parent may not be in the child’s best interests, it may give sole conservatorship to the other party. In this situation, only one parent may make final decisions regarding their child’s upbringing over the other parent’s objection.

Possession of a child refers to the time a parent gets to spend with their child. Additionally, the contact a parent has with their child, such as phone calls, email, Facetime, is known as access. Texas Family Code §153.001 sets forth the state’s preference that both parents have frequent, meaningful contact with their children, regardless of where the child primarily resides.

Conservatorship, possession and access are all essential components of a solid parenting plan. A capable attorney in Pflugerville could explain these concepts further and help a parent resolve any child custody issues favorably.

How Is Child Conservatorship And Possession Determined?

The key consideration in any child custody dispute is what is in a child’s best interests. Family court judges rely on various factors to determine conservatorship and possession schedules. Some of these include:

  • Each parent’s willingness to encourage a healthy relationship between the child and the other parent
  • How far apart the parents reside from each other
  • Either parent’s history of alcohol or drug abuse
  • The child’s relationship with each parent
  • The parent’s ability to work together to meet their child’s needs
  • Each parent’s age, health, employment and overall stability

A judge can also assess any other factor that might assist them in determining the best possible custody arrangement for a child, including the child’s preference if they are 12 or older. A knowledgeable lawyer in Pflugerville could determine what evidence a judge may require to determine a child’s best interests in a custody case.

Creating Binding Parenting Plans For Pflugerville Parents

In custody cases, state law mandates that judges assign a specific conservatorship and access plan depending on the case’s circumstances. Still, under Texas Family Code §153.007, parents may vary from the standard plan and enter a written parenting plan detailing their preferred child custody and access arrangement. If a judge finds this plan to be in a child’s best interests, they can incorporate it in an enforceable court order.

Alternatively, if a judge determines that the parents’ proposed plan does not meet their child’s needs, they can require them to submit a revised arrangement. Parents who are unable to present a plan satisfactory to the court may lose their right to determine conservatorship and access. As such, it is essential to work with a respected Pflugerville lawyer who could help a parent draft a child custody plan that meets all of the necessary requirements.

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