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If you are in the process of a contested divorce, a custody arrangement, or an adoption proceeding, then you know how important it is to protect any children that may be affected by these legal decisions. One of the best ways of protecting your children when making these legal determinations is to go through mediation. This process offers parents a way to negotiate and discuss what may be best for their children at the time of the case.

Fortunately, the family attorneys at Angela Faye Brown & Associates, PLLC, have handled many types of mediation cases and could help you through this process. Our Pflugerville mediation lawyer could review your case and help you protect your parental rights.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that may be used in various types of family law cases, although it is most frequently utilized during a divorce. Mediation in divorce occurs when two spouses meet with a trained, third party to talk over and resolve the various issues involved in dissolving their relationship. Some of the most commonly contested areas in divorce that are resolved through mediation are:

Once the parties have found a mediator, each parent will have an initial meeting with this neutral third party which allows both sides to express their expectations. After several sessions, the parents may come to their final settlement agreement, which becomes legally binding and enforceable in court. One of our skilled attorneys in Pflugerville could help two parents through the mediation process.

It is important to remember that, in Texas, mediation is voluntary. Therefore, both parties must agree to seek the services of a mediator. If the parents cannot agree to go through alternative dispute resolution, they must go through the traditional court procedure.

Benefits Of Alternative Dispute Resolution

There are several reasons why mediation is the preferred choice for couples with children. Some of the benefits of this process include:

  • Reducing the amount of stress involved in a case
  • Reducing any associated costs of the divorce
  • Speeding up the process which allows both the parents and their children to get back to their normal routine.

Mediation also may be beneficial for parents who have difficulty communicating with each other because this process allows each party the time to discuss and work through those challenges.

How To Choose A Mediator In Pflugerville

When choosing a mediator, a parent should select someone who is experienced and well-informed about the state’s divorce laws. In addition, many parents benefit from having a mediator who is specially trained in conflict resolution.

Mediators are useful when they can keep discussions between the parties on target and devoid of accusatory moments that can derail fruitful discussions. A good mediator makes suggestions along the way that may help the parties come to a resolution of difficult and controversial matters. It is important to understand, however, that mediators do not make the final decision the way a trial court judge might. The mediator leaves the final decision-making power in the hands of the parents.

How Long Does Mediation Take?

Mediation sessions may take a couple of hours. After the initial session, the parties may have anywhere between three and eight more sessions, each lasting one and half to two hours. Mediation is most effective when:

  • The spouses agree to divorce
  • There is no history of physical abuse
  • The spouses are honest about finances
  • The spouses are willing to work out their differences

Typically, uncontested divorce cases working their way through the court system take several months. A Pflugerville attorney could help ensure that the mediation process keeps moving forward.

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