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Separation Agreements Lawyer

Texas does not allow legal separation. Either two individuals are considered legally married, or they are not. Despite this, many parents live separately but remain married while they work on their relationship. If you and your co-parent have this type of situation, you should speak with a Pflugerville separation agreements lawyer. Our well-versed family attorneys could help you prepare a separation agreement that benefits both you and your children.

What Is A Separation Agreement?

A separation agreement is a legal arrangement made by two parties who are married or who share children. This document assigns specific duties or rights to each party for a predetermined amount of time. Separation agreements generally cover issues such as:

A motivated lawyer in Pflugerville could help a parent negotiate fair terms in their separation agreement that protect their rights to their children.

Types Of Separation Agreements Available In Pflugerville

Although there is no legal separation process or filing in Texas, these agreements are still commonly used when two parents share a child but do not want to live together. One of the most common forms of these agreements are temporary orders, which typically apply to situations in which two parents are trying to divorce. Under Texas Family Code §105.001, temporary orders may cover issues such as the payment of bills and custody of children until the divorce decree is in place. Typically, temporary orders expire after two years.

A Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR) is also commonly used in separation arrangements where a couple was never legally married but used to live together with their shared children. Under TX Family Code §102.001, this action requests a judge to make determinations on matters such as child custody and visitation, as well as medical and dental coverage for the child. Often, this action requires an Acknowledgement of Paternity (AOP), which establishes the identity of a child’s legal father and conveys the associated rights and responsibilities. A trustworthy attorney could help a parent draft a fair separation agreement in either of these situations.

How A Pflugerville Separation Agreements Lawyer Can Help

Ending a relationship can be a stressful experience. Even if the split is amicable, emotions are generally intense and communication breakdowns may occur at any time. An experienced Pflugerville lawyer could make the process of creating a legally enforceable separation agreement simpler while ensuring that is covers all the necessary issues. Additionally, family attorneys who understand the occasionally contentious nature of separation can help their clients stay focused on the legal issues. Finally, a lawyer could carefully review the details of a situation and guide a client through the various decision they must make.

Contact A Pflugerville Separation Agreement Attorney

Navigating separation procedures can be emotionally and financially taxing. A Pflugerville separations agreement lawyer could help you better understand your rights and guide you through court proceedings.

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