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Updated: Apr 3, 2019

I am referring to the show here, not the concepts. I watch these legal shows and the protagonist always wins after coming up with some fancy way around the law. It confuses people. It makes them think that getting the right lawyer will erase reality. Like a lawyer can beat bad facts. This is so rare, especially in a highly regulated area like family law.

The truth is, if you are winning a case you should lose or losing a case you should win, you either have bad facts or a judge slightly off the rails. That obviously assumes your lawyer is not getting in the way of your case, but if he has the minimum skills, much of it is just owning the facts you have.

Saying this is bad advertising, I get that. The marketing nerds would say we need to promise the world, tell you we are the greatest legal minds since Ben Affleck in Daredevil (am I the only person who watched that show?). Or since Bob Loblaw. Whatever.

There are bad lawyers in the world. There are lawyers that get in the way of good facts, but really, when you need a lawyer, you want one who can tell a good story with the facts you have.

Let that sink in - a lawyer who can tell a good story with the facts you have.

That measure comes down to trust. Not the fancy suit, not the plaque on the wall, not the ringing baritone voice. All that stuff helps (yes, I am proud of my University of Texas School of Law plaque), but that's not what makes the difference. Who we are makes the difference. Because if you trust us, you who have the most to gain or lose in our relationship, a judge will trust us.

Your job is to bring us your bad situation and our job is to tell it well. We will tell it well. That is what we promise to our clients. We can't change facts, we won't manipulate procedure, and we won't lie to a judge. We will tell a good story with the facts you have.

If you want to be heard, call us. If you want to beat the truth, call Jack. Dun dun. (That was my Law & Order scene change noise.)


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