Your Child’s Best Interests Are Our Main Focus


Read the testimonials below kindly provided by past clients of our firm.

Attorney Miesha Haynes-Nwofia:

“I had the privilege of having Miesha Haynes-Nwofia on my team for my Divorce. We’ve just finalized my Divorce after 4 years or maybe longer. Several times I wanted to be done, give up and quit and Miesha always steered me back in the right direction. I mean over and over again. She was very professional throughout the whole time. I don’t see any divorces anytime soon but she’s the girl to turn to she’s bad.”
– La-Shunna J., May 4th, 2022

Attorney Cassandra Noel:

“I want to thank you for the work you did in this case that has been going on since 2018. I have been through two law firms just trying to get help on taking care of my grandchild. You are the third law firm I have been with. The first law firm we have been through, now I see never even filed anything just took my money. Now I learned how to read court records online I saw my first law firm is not even on record, which I paid a large sum to is not even on file showing they filed anything over time. Then my second law firm, I had to end their services.

Good news that I found your law firm and the results were outstanding! I know in the beginning I was nervous and asking a lot of questions, because I just wanted the best for my granddaughter. Losing my only child and my illnesses going through Covid-19, pneumonia and the flu back to back your firm made my recovery bearable and I am progressing! Your law firm was very patient and understanding on what you saw on this case. I was able to enjoy my granddaughter’s graduation, and now her acceptance into Prairie View A&M University!

I am asking your permission if I can put your information in Fort Hood Newspaper and other Posting. I want Fort Hood Military Community the largest Base in the U.S. to know about the fair, honest services your firm practices. People always post negative reviews, but hardly pass on positive reviews after they get outstanding service. I know there are numerous service members, men and women that need your firm’s honest service.”
– Vernita/Shakira S., June 20th, 2022

“Thank you so much for your work in all this I know I can be a handful and it’s just because it’s my son and I don’t want anything to happen to him. You have been absolutely the most amazing counsel and blessing I could ask for in this. I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate you.”
– John B., February 23rd, 2022