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There are countless reasons why the guidance of an experienced family attorney could be valuable to you. Whether you are going through a divorce or considering a petition for child custody, a dedicated legal professional could help you with the pursuit of your parental rights.

There is no requirement that you hire an attorney for family law matters, but the failure to do so could put your rights at risk. Unfavorable outcomes during these cases can be hard to undo and often have lasting consequences. Let a Wells Branch family lawyer at Angela Faye Brown & Associates ensure your rights are protected throughout the entire legal process.

Establishing Paternity

For some people, the first time they will require the help of a Wells Branch family attorney is during a paternity dispute. Before the rights and obligations of parenthood can be enforced, it is necessary to legally establish that a person is the father of the minor child in question.

Establishing paternity can be done in different ways. For married couples, there is a presumption that a child born during the marriage is the product of the married couple. Outside of this presumption, there are other options that could make the paternity issue relatively simple. For example, both parties could agree to recognize the paternity of the father. This prevents any unnecessary litigation and can help establish the rights and responsibilities of parenthood sooner.

Though, not all paternity issues are as simple. Some prospective fathers reject that a child is theirs. Some mothers may dispute that a particular individual is the father. In these cases, the court could order DNA testing to confirm with certainty if a person is the father of the child in question.

Fighting for Parental Rights

Establishing paternity is only the first step toward securing legal rights as a parent. Once paternity is established, there are steps that must be taken to enforce those rights, as well as the obligations all parents face. These rights—commonly referred to as child custody in most states—are known as possession and access in Wells Branch.

There are various situations when the courts may be involved in determining parental rights. Often, a judge will take up issues of child support or custody during the course of a divorce proceeding. In other situations, these issues will arise as separate custody disputes between unmarried parents.

The outcome of these proceedings can have long-term consequences for parents and children alike. Given how important the outcome of these cases can be, it is vital to seek out guidance from a seasoned Wells Branch family attorney beforehand.

Enforcing Child Support or Visitation Orders

While many people think of divorce when they hear the term “family law,” it is important to note that many family law disputes occur after a divorce is finalized. While a court may have given a final order regarding child support or custody, it is not unusual for a parent to fail to comply with its terms. An experienced family lawyer in Wells Branch could help enforce the terms of these orders.

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Family disputes can be some of the most challenging conflicts that can occur in life. If you are dealing with a familial disagreement, now is the time to seek legal guidance.

A Wells Branch family lawyer could help you resolve your complicated issues before things get out of hand. Reach out to the committed team of attorneys at Angela Faye Brown & Associates today for an initial consultation.