What Are the Repercussions of a Protective Order on Child Custody Cases?

When domestic violence harms you or your children, a protective order provides a layer of much-needed security. However, many of us may not fully understand the repercussions of a protective order. Below, we outline what a protective, or restraining order, can (and can’t) do to protect your children. At Angela Faye Brown & Associates, our priority [...]

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Answering Your FAQs About Child Custody Laws in Texas

Couples contemplating divorce generally have many questions concerning child custody laws in Texas. In this post, we lay out some of the basics, and address some common concerns. At Angela Faye Brown & Associates we specialize in child custody law. We help divorcing couples manage their separation in the best interests of their child. This often means [...]

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How Does Legal Separation in Texas Work? 

Divorces can take a long time to finalize. Some settle quickly, but most take a year or even longer. During that period, married couples are not expected to act married or even live together. By the time a couple has filed for divorce, the wheels have already been set in motion. In other marriages, separation [...]

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Do I Need a Will?

According to reports, up to 70% of Americans do not have a Will in place. It's not just that most people simply don't know how to write a Will. In fact, I often ask people what has prevented them from getting a Will and the answer I most commonly hear is either ‘I’m not rich; [...]

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Court Ordered Drug Testing in Child Custody Cases

We're sure you want the best for your child. And sometimes, that means asking the court to subject the other parent to court ordered drug testing in child custody cases. This isn't a tactic to use lightly, but it may be vital to the safety of your family. If you feel you should have the [...]

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What to Know About Seeking Child Custody Modification in Texas

Many people who go through a custody battle think the matter is set in stone once you sign the original custody agreement papers. But what if circumstances change? Or you feel that the agreement doesn't meet your child's needs? Under Texas law, you can seek a child custody modification. Keep in mind that only a few [...]

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